The following, is a list of the most common questions we receive. Please read them over before you go boating. What do I need to rent a boat? All you need to rent is a driver’s license, major credit card, previous boating experience and be at least 35 years of age. Are reservations required? We require at least 3 hours notice, but recommend making advance reservations for weekends or holidays. What if I have no boating experience? We would be happy to recommend one of many captains who offer their captaining services or private one on one training courses by appointment. Is fuel included? No! We charge $5 per gallon and that covers the cost of Gas & 2 cycle oil. Most rentals use between 10 and 20 gallons of gas. Where do I buy Gas? We normally give you the boat with a full tank of gas. If you need more gas you can fill up at the fuel dock at the back of Wilmette Harbor. Hours are 10 AM to 5 PM daily. How much fuel will we use? at a cruising speed of 25 MPH the boat uses about 8 gallons Per Hour. Gas consumption goes up considerably at higher speeds.  The boat has a 40 Gallon Gas Tank.  The slower you go, the less gas you will use. 2 Cycle Oil consumption is very slow but you must check it before you go out, make sure you are at least 1/3 full before taking the boat out. We normally have and extra gallon in the back storage compartment. Who drives the boat? Normally, you captain the boat yourself! This is a "bare boat" rental of the boat.  The best part of renting one of our boats: you take it when and where you want to. What if I want to stay out longer? You can stay out till 1 hour before sunset as long as we don't have anyone scheduled after you, weather permitting. All you need to do is call us on your cell phone 60 minutes before returning to the Ramp. You will be charged $95 per hour extra. Check your fuel levels often. What do I do when it's time to come in? Just call us on your cell phone 30-60 minutes before you arrive back and we will meet you at the launch ramp and pick you up. How far ahead should I make reservations? Since we are the only boat rental on the North Shore we always suggest making reservation for the weekends or holidays Weeks or even months in advance or as early as possible. Our season is short, June-September Do we provide life Preservers? Yes we have 7 adult ski vests and 4 child vest that for kids ages 4-12, make sure all children under 13 have a PFD that fits and they must wear them at all times on the boat. We have 6 Extra orange PFD’s in the storage area under the Cooler. If we want to go Water Skiing or Tubing how many people do we need? You always have to have at least 2 people on the boat, one to drive and look forward, the other as a spotter. How early should we go out? Because the mornings are the calmest, we suggest you get on the water as early as you can. We can get you on the water as early as 7:00 AM if you want. The winds usually start to pick up around noon.  As long as the winds are from the west you are almost always assured calm seas as long as you stay within a half mile of the shore line. Do we trailer the boats down to the launch ramp? No, that's one of the best parts, we launch you and pick you up and we clean the boats, all you do is have all the fun. How do I know where to go? We run you through a half hour orientation of the boats as well as the local waters. You can go as far South as Wilmette and as far North as Highland Park and up to one mile off shore. Do we need to bring our own ice chests? The boat has a small built in Ice Box in front of  the passenger seat. It's fine for half day trips, you may want to bring a extra soft sided cooler if you plan to stay out all day. Bring plenty of water, snacks,  food and ice.  No Alcohol is allowed on the boat! Can I Bring my Pet? NO! Leave them at home. What methods of payment do you accept? We accept cash, personal Checks and credit cards for boat rentals. What happens if I damage anything? During check-out we go through a check list of the boat and all items on it for any damage.  If any damage is caused by the renter they will be responsible to pay for all damage.